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Fish & Chips

Cooked Fresh to Order, Made with Fresh Never Frozen Fish Fillets, Cooked in zero trans fat oil.

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Fish & Chips

Haddock–n–Chips Dinner

The Freshest Haddock dipped in our own beer batter and fried to order. We cut the potatoes for the chips by hand and fry them to perfection.


Shrimp & Chips

Beer Batter Shrimp–n–Chips

Large Tiger Shrimp dipped in our own beer batter recipe and served with fresh fried potatoes.


Scallops & Chips

Fried Sea Scallops-n-Chips

Breaded fresh Sea Scallops in a seasoned bread crumb and panko crust.


Salmon & Broccoli

Grilled Atlantic Salmon-n-Fresh Steamed Broccoli

7 ounce piece of fresh grilled salmon with broccoli florets. A lean and healthy meal, two super foods in one container! Served hot and ready to eat.


Sweet Potato Fries

Sweet Potato Fries

A healthier and less caloric alternative to regular french fries, krinkle cut and cooked to order.




Classic wedge cut russet potatoes cut and fried to order.


Onion Rings

Beer Batter Onion Rings

Thick hand cut onion slices dipped in our own beer batter fried golden brown and served with our chipotle sauce.