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From your local growers.... at Fresh Acres Market

Throughout the Connecticut River Valley, you'll find small farms devoted to their specialty like hand-picked fruits and vegetables. It's this simple: Buying from local growers means that the profits stay local. It helps keep our vibrant farming community thriving. It's also a benefit to the landscape, ensuring that green fields, farmlands and verdant orchards will be preserved for future generations.

What's more, local products are "green" in the truest sense of the word. They don't travel as far to get to you, so less fossil fuel is used, resulting in fewer carbon emissions. The bottom line: It's better for our air, soil and water.

We're proud to work with local farmers whenever we can. It helps keep these small businesses healthy, and it helps us bring the highest-quality merchandise to our customers. We're committed to providing the freshest, most flavorful foods that we can. In the spirit of community, we're proud to partner with other New Englanders who feel the same way.


Meadowbrook Farm
East Longmeadow, MA

Sprouting up from a “pick-your-own” strawberry patch in the early 1980s, Meadowbrook Farm is now a 175-acre operation run as a labor of love by owner John Burney. The family run farm counts sweet summer corn, crisp cabbage and squash as some of its specialties and you can find it all freshly-picked in the Fresh Acres Market produce department.


Plainville Farm
Hadley, MA

Plainville Farm is a true American success story. The Czajkowski family emigrated from Poland with a dream and an eye to the future. The family settled in Hadley, on 10 acres of lush farmland on which to raise their family and grow crops. Many years later, the farm is still run by members of the Czajkowski family and has expanded to 100 acres that produce quality broccoli crowns, yellow & green beans and romaine lettuce for Fresh Acres Market.

Red Fire

Red Fire Farm
Granby, MA

Red Fire Farm has been growing with certified organic practices since it opened as in 2001. Farmers Ryan & Sarah Voiland immediately certified the field as organic back in 1991 with NOFA/Baystate Organic Certifiers, and thus became one of the first certified farms in Massachusetts. Organic is part of their core at Red Fire Farm. You can find their 100% Organic squash, cucumbers and tomatoes at Fresh Acres Market.

Kitchen Garden

The Kitchen Garden Farm
Sunderland, MA

Kitchen Garden Farm is a 50-acre, certified organic vegetable farm owned and operated by Tim Wilcox and Caroline Pam. Find their 100% Organic zucchini, patty pan squash, long green and pickle cucumbers and tomatoes at Fresh Acres Market.

Relish the Harvest

Relish the Harvest
Chicopee, MA

Jessica Tudryn Wisniewski followed her childhood dream to market her mother's delicious sweet zucchini relish. You can find 4 flavors of her locally produced relishes at Fresh Acres Market.

5 College Farm

Five College Farms
Hadley, MA

The USDA certified organic farms consist of two acres of intensive vegetable greenhouse production throughout the year. Along with 20 acres of traditional vegetable and fruit crops. Find their 6 Flavors of organic heirloom tomatoes at Fresh Market.

Sweet Meadow Farm
Hadley, MA

Try 6 flavors their of spaghetti style veggies at Fresh Acres Market.

Al Stepanik Greenhouse
Feeding Hills, MA

Get their fresh local Hot House Red Tomatoes

Appalachian Naturals
Goshen, MA

Get 8 flavors of their locally produced salad dressings.

Town Farm Garden
Brookfield, MA

Starting out as a small daylily hybridizing nursery in 2007, Laurie O’Day-Starcher began to grow vegetables to sell at the farm. She gradually started to make pickles and jams using their traditional family recipes made the old-fashioned way – small batches with quality ingredients. Get their locally produced relishes, pickles and hot sauces at Fresh Acres Market.

Deepening Roots Farm
Hadley, MA

In 2012 Deepening Roots started the Deepening Roots Farm. Located in Amherst, Massachusetts the farm serves as an opportunity to train aspiring young farmers, continue their research on best growing practices for organic small scale agriculture and become directly involved in a local community food system. Try their broccoli and cauliflower rice at Fresh Acres Market.